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Around Connecticut: POA Summer Social Cat Café

Spent a few hours today cuddling strange cats at the Protectors of Animals' Summer Social Cat Café in East Hartford. The Protectors of Animals is a no-kill, non-profit animal shelter and rescue that has provided safe refuge to homeless and abandoned cats and dogs in Connecticut since 1975. The POA  hosts cat cafés several times a year as a fundraiser and they all have different themes. This one was brunch-y with mimosas, quiche, and some kind of ridiculously delish chocolate and peanut butter bark, among other things.

And there were cats. So many cats. Shy cats. Friendly cats. Big cats. Little cats. Young cats. Old cats. Cats who hunted the red dot. Cats who preferred feathers on a stick. Cats who just wanted to sleep. Cats who wanted to climb on all the things. Anyway, I petted many kitties and took a few of the ones I spent the most time with.






The Husband spent a lot of time fawning over two adorable stripy kittens, but everyone loves kittens and they will easily find permanent homes. It's the shyer, older cats I worry about. Riley, for instance, is an intensely shy and gentle FIV positive senior cat. She was either a stray or a dump and has had some dental issues. Will someone look at her and see the sweetheart she is?

If you are inclined to become a cat's person, Protectors of Animal has many available for adoption and is open to the public Saturdays from 10:30 AM to 4 PM.


#WordlessWednesday: A Cat Does Not Share

Ms. Grumpy Boots does not understand why the humans want to sleep in her bed.


#WordlessWednesday: Snowy Kitty

A very snowy Catzilla has had enough of this cold, wet nonsense & would like to come inside & get toweled off (after a good chase around the living room).


#WordlessWednesday: Pay Attention to Me, Human

Little enjoys wrapping himself around my writing hand, thereby monopolizing my attention.


#WordlessWednesday: Remembering Hedwig

My Hedwig, a year gone this week. I still half-expect to find her snoozing behind "her" curtain or sunbathing on the window seat.


Wordless Wednesday: A Cat Naps

A cat naps ... right between the pillows, because clearly that's the comfiest spot.


Hedwig the Mighty, Grand Duchess of Cats

Ah, Hedwig, it is so difficult to believe you were in our lives for nearly seventeen years. It feels like only days ago we brought you home from the Connecticut Humane Society. So small, so mottled, so gnomish-looking a kitten. A perfect hedge witch's cat. "Hedge witch" quickly devolved into "Hedwig" and there it stayed. Hedwig the Mighty. Hedwig the Beautiful. Hedwig the Grand Duchess of Cats.

You were so very wee -- you could easily curl up in (and fall asleep in) one of The Husband's shoes. And when you'd figured out how your claws worked, you used to run up his trouser legs and shirts, perching on his shoulder with all the pride of Sir Edmund Hillary conquering Everest.

As you grew older, you became a much more grounded cat, preferring the comforts of desks and sofa backs. You kept me company through the writing of many a resume and grad school paper, sometimes with near disastrous results -- I still remember waking up to find you had opened so many browser tabs my computer had stop responding.

You could be a grand cuddler when you wanted to be and, in recent years, you took to perching on my chair back, rubbing your head against my head in an almost violently affectionate manner until I would reach back and give you the ear scritches you so clearly deserved. And, when I came home from the hairdresser, you would doggedly attempt to lick down all the spikes the stylist had given me, as if I were a recalcitrant kitten in need of grooming.

I regret I did not cuddle with you as often as you wished or give you all the treats you tried to seduce from me with your pretty looks as you, in hindsight, clearly deserved them and so much more. I hope you knew how much we loved you and how very hard we tried to do our best by you in all things and I hope that, at the end, you died gently, easily, dreaming of sunbeams and sardines. Farewell, my darling cat. There will never be another cat as fine as you.


Wordless Wednesday: 2 Cats, 1 Chair

Two cats, one chair. This can't end well.

I watched a SciShow recently and learned that cats prefer much warmer temperatures than most humans keep their houses -- between 86°F and 97°F -- and now, every time I look at one of my cats, I wonder if its cold!


Wordless Wednesday: Mooch

Very much an "if I fits, I sits" moment. Also, long cat is loooong.


Wordless Wednesday: Little Dude

Little Dude lounges upon his well-cushioned throne.


Under the Paw by Tom Cox

Earlier this week, when I awoke from yet another post-op nightmare, all sweat-soaked and heart pounding in the wee hours of the morning, I knew the only remedy was a hearty dose of The Bear, Ralph, and company.

I'd read Tom Cox's 2013 The Good, the Bad, and the Furry a little over a year ago and loved it so much I ordered his Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man and Talk to the Tail: Adventures in Cat Ownership and Beyond from Book Depository. And then I kept putting off reading them. Not because I suddenly found I was sick of cat stories (is such a thing possible when you home four cats?) but because I'd enjoyed The Good, the Bad, and the Furry so much that I wanted to save the others up for when I most needed a funny-but-sometimes-poignant-and-always-gentle read.

Under the Paw is an engaging memoir of the author's life with cats -- from the cats of his childhood to the seven cats of the Upside Down House. Cox has thrown in a fair bit about his parents, work, and love life to balance out the pure catcentricness of the story, but the cats are still very much the meat of it. If you're already a Cat Person, you're going to want to read Under the Paw. If you're not a Cat Person ... go read one of Cox's golf books (how about Nice Jumper?) and come back and tell me about it.

As with The Good, the Bad, and the Furry, there are plenty of laugh-out-loud funny bits and a pleasing lack of mawkishness. Cox's cats aren't romanticized Disney-esque cuddlykins, but proper cats who pee in inconsiderate locations and leave bits of prey around. They are cats I feel I know (most likely because I see some of my own cats' behaviors in them).

My only complaint is the same complaint I had with The Good, the Bad, and the Furry -- reading would have been improved by the inclusion of large (preferably, color) photos of the cats. Edie Mullins' illustrations are charming and I especially enjoyed the one of Ralph hissing at the swan, but a book about cats (imho) needs lots of pictures of those cats.

Talk To The Tail by Tom Cox (Simon & Schuster UK, 2011)


Wordless Wednesday: Kitty!

This is Hedwig. Quite possibly the grandest calico in the whole wide world.


Wordless Wednesday: Annoying Cat

With canines like those, I have to wonder if my cat is also a vampire.



Wordless Wednesday: A Cat "Helps"

From her comfy chair, Catzilla oversees the decorating of the Christmas tree.


Wordless Wednesday: Basket Case

I put the basket down for a few minutes ... and *ZOOOM* there's a cat in it!



Wordless Wednesday: Snuggling Cats

Two mellow kitties, snuggling on the window cushions on a brisk November day.


Wordless Wednesday: Someone Woke Up Grumpy

Just woke up. Kind-of grumpy. What is The Woman doing with that camera?


Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Kitty

Hedwig snoozing on the window seat. She loves her fuzzy gray cushion, all squishy and good.