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Wordless Wednesday: Kitty in the Window

She loves sitting there, soaking up the sun and watching for birds.


Mewingham Manorl; Or, Too Much Cute

Do you like butterflies? Do you like kittens? Do Victorian country ladies' diaries give you a thrill? Then Mewingham Manor: Observations on a Curious New Species is just the thing for you!

A twenty-seven-year-old unmarried lady inherits her uncle's rambling country estate, Mewingham Manor, and hastens to set up housekeeping. She keeps a diary of her days, as good gentlewomen do, and in it she begins to note strange flying creatures in the garden:
It was tiny, with fluffy, black and white fur, and, although by all other evidence a mammal, it wore a pair of dazzling jewel-toned wings!

Yes, Mewingham Manor is infested with Flittens -- tiny butterfly-winged cats collected from all over the globe by her roving uncle (just as other Victorian gentlemen might collect rare species of orchid, etc)! What follows is page after page of illustrations of Flittens and Minis (tiny winged mice). It's an adorable natural history of nonsense:
Hatchlings congregate for safety and comfort. When they mature, they become very independent and only associate with their own species (although on especially chilly days, I have observed adult Flittens of every type napping in a mound by the hearth).
Many thanks to my coworker for pressing this book on me! Four out of five Flittenus arboreus.

Mewingham Manor: Observations on a Curious New Species by Edwina Von Stetina (Greenwich Workshop Press, 2002).


Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Kitties

At this moment, right here, right now, the cushion is big enough for two.


Wordless Wednesday: Window Cat

Cat on Window Ledge
Shelving reference materials is a lot more fun
with a fuzzy neighbor to look at across the alley.


Wordless Wednesday: Snowy Cat

Little Disapproves of the Snow
Little Dude does not approve of the snow. I don't speak Cat, but I suspect he is saying very rude things in this photo.



Wordless Wednesday: A Cat & Her Curtain

Hedwig & the Curtain
This is how my Hedwig spends her days. All of them.

Hedwig & the Curtain
A little grumpy from being uncovered.


Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Kitty

Sleepy Little Dude
Little loves snoozing on the new window seat cushions.


Wordless Wednesday: Sad Kitty

Look at those sad eyes. She does not understand why I could possibly want my chair back when she needs it so.



Wordless Wednesday: If You Give A Cat A Quilt

If You Give A Cat A Quilt ...
I'm sure Hedwig thinks that, if I really loved her, I'd make her a kitty quilt.
Wait ... that's all my quilts, already.


Cats On A Rainy Day

Hedwig snoozes while Shadow plots ...