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Dream Kitchen, Where Are You

I said: I enjoy cooking and need a functional kitchen that is also classically attractive. Preferably with smoky blue cabinets and lots of easy-to-reach under counter storage.

What I meant: I enjoy cooking and have very exacting ideas about what a functional and accessible kitchen means to me, but will not be able to articulate them to your satisfaction.

What the kitchen designer heard: My customer desires an on-trend kitchen with lots of storage.

I think we're mostly at cross-purposes, the kitchen designer and I. She's set on creating an Instagram Top Post-worthy kitchen for me with beautiful cabinets and cunning storage. I want a kitchen with cunning storage that allows me to use a step stool 95% less often. She has created a kitchen that is the unique style center of the home. I want a kitchen that is the heart of the home.

We've been back and forth with the design and, while it's slowly moving in the right direction, I'm not sure it's ever going to get to dream kitchen status. I ... want to let my designer go? I am now one of those people who not only hire kitchen designers, but fire them as well? I'm a diva?

Anyway, this is the most current design with all of my changes made to it. Click to embiggen.