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19 June 2019

12 June 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Gray Treefrog

Found this gray treefrog (Hyla versicolor) hanging out on the patio.

05 June 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Silent Agitator

"Silent Agitator," clock sculpture by Ruth Ewan located on the High Line near 24th Street.

29 May 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Purple Iris

A beautiful purple bearded iris blooming amongst the
weeds at Jem's Garden & Dairy Barn, Manchester

22 May 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Calibrachoa

I just love the color looks dabbed on, as if by a tiny sponge.

15 May 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Yellow Iris

If bumblebees were irises, they might look like this?

08 May 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Lupines

Lupinus 'Manhattan Lights' in bloom is just ... WOW

01 May 2019

24 April 2019

#Wordless Wednesday: Bluets

Small and delicate-looking bluets (Houstonia caerulea) in bloom among moss & stone.

17 April 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Vinca minor

Creeping myrtle (Vinca minor) in bloom.

10 April 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Crocus Chrysanthus 'Dorothy'

Happy yellow Crocus chrysanthus 'Dorothy' getting ready to bloom any day now.

03 April 2019

27 March 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Orange Princess

Lush "Orange Princess" tulips blooming in the greenhouse at Elizabeth Park.

20 March 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Spring Flowers

It's spring in the "Big House" greenhouse at Elizabeth Park.

20 February 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Sunset

Grey winter continues to drag on so here's a Blackpool sunset from warmer days.

13 February 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Brook

All the rain & snowmelt have given Birge Pond Brook new energy.

06 February 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Loom

Loom at Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant (& bookstore!) in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

30 January 2019